Good Morning & Hello Friday the 13th! Hopefully we’ll make it through the day without any dramas. Remember on Monday I was telling you about my Primark jaunt? Well today I bring to you item 2 from my recent visit to the store. This is another piece which completely surprised me… View Post

Good Morning, I’m back with another outfit containing a white lace blouse. I simply can’t get enough and it doesn’t seem to matter how many I have in my wardrobe, I continue to accumulate more. This one is from Marks and Spencer which might surprise you. It’s a soft lace… View Post

Good Morning & Happy Friday! We’ve made it to the end of the hardest working week of the year in my opinion. I always find that first week back challenging and long. It’s often slow to start, getting back into the swing of things and getting productive again takes a bit… View Post

Good Morning, Monday’s post was about the sunset and today’s is about the sunrise. I always like to get up and watch the sunrise while on holiday especially when the sun comes up over the sea. It’s a truly magical sight and symbolises the start of another beautiful day. We… View Post