Velvet & Gold

Good Morning,

I have something to admit, I have a real phobia when it comes to velvet. The thought of it freaks me out and I simply don’t like the look or the feel of it. Over the last few seasons, velvet has been everywhere. I mean literally everywhere. On bags, on bras, on shoes, even on swimsuits. So unnecessary. I can’t say I understand the difference between normal velvet and crushed velvet. I guess I don’t really care either but it just seems like velvet has taken over everything and for that reason it’s been difficult to avoid coming into contact with it.

I spied this blazer quite some time ago at Zara and loved everything about it from the high neck with the gold threaded collar detail continuing on the cuff of the sleeves to the graduated closure shape at the front with the little gap. It has such a regal feel and is quite Parisian at the same time. As I said I loved everything about it, except the velvet. I hummed and hawed about it and decided that at £69.99, I wasn’t having it.

Months pass and it’s still on my mind. I take another look and to my dismay it’s within the special prices range and is reduced to £29.99. I have to put the phobia to the side for a second and make the purchase. My initial thought is that if I can’t bear to wear it then at least I’ve not squandered £70, it’s only £30. Should probably be more concerned about the fact that was my first thought but we’ll park that for now.

To my amazement, taking it out of the packaging wasn’t that bad. Putting it on wasn’t a problem either. As the velvet is on the outside, it’s not bad at all as I don’t feel it on my skin.  I think we may have overcome the 27 year velvet phobia.

It’s so beautiful with every detail having been carefully put together. The shape has been designed to flatter in every possible way. I would usually shy away from so much gold but I’ve decided to embrace it. It also works perfectly with two of my new bags which have gold hardware.

Speaking of which I introduce one of them which I feel is quite similar to the Diorama. The strap is very different but there is a likeness to the general shape. Anyway it was from Mango and I like it. The gold hardware is almost an orange gold but there’s so little of the hardware it’s not in your face or tacky.

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Velvet BlazerZara JeansEmbossed BagKurt Geiger Spectacular Boots