Red Means Business


Good Morning,

 It’s amazing how one bold accessory can entirely change the look and feel of an outfit. This would otherwise be a simple outfit of a white victorian style blouse and jeans. Easy to wear any day of the week. Add the red bag and HELLO we’ve just taken it to another level.

Not only does the bag add some much needed colour, it also adds elegance and finesse. It’s so striking and the blue scarf detail adds a luxurious feel. The quilted finish is classy and I can’t believe how soft the leather is.

The bag gives the impression of someone who has their s*** together. That’s definitely not the case for me but at least I feel like I do when wearing it.

Outfit Details:

Lace BlouseTopshop JeansKurt Geiger Spectacular BootsLeather Kensington Bag Red