Gucci Vibes

Good Morning,

You know when you purchase something new and you just want to wear it every single day? Well that’s how I feel about my new belt. It’s a belter and I’m so pleased I got it when I did as I’m pretty sure it’ll sell out quickly if not already as it’s got all the Gucci vibes at a fraction of the cost.

I’m not big on bling, I don’t wear much jewellery and I avoid over accessorising. This belt breaks the mould as it’s very blingy, with pearls and all and it’s basically the boldest accessory I own. I absolutely love it though and as soon as it arrived I wanted to put it on, go out and take pics straight away. I was desperate to share my outfit ideas and that’s when I know I’ve made a good purchase.

I kind of stumbled across this first outfit idea (I have two more to come) when getting ready for dress down Friday at work last week. I was wondering what jacket to wear with my otherwise all black ensemble and then had a lightbulb moment where I remembered this blazer and realised the detail would match perfectly. It was one of those ta-da moments as I was rushing out the door having not been able to decide what to wear for about 20 minutes. Love when it comes together in the last minute and you arrive at work looking and feeling good in yourself simply because you’re happy with your outfit. I’m a much nicer person if I like what I’m wearing. Sounds awful but it’s true. If I’m not happy with my outfit, if I feel underdressed, if I’m uncomfortable, if I’ve worn the outfit 100x and I’m totally bored of it then it shows. It shows in my posture and my attitude. When I’ve got something shiny (literally) and new to wear, I’m giddy and excited like a child. Sometimes it’s those simple things in life…

Anyway I’ve been rambling on enough. You’ve seen the blazer before, it’s a classic and polished this outfit off at the last minute which I’m so pleased about. The jeans are Topshop. Comfortable and well fitting which is all you need when it comes to jeans. The belt is from ASOS and is a very good Gucci dupe. The large circles grab your attention and the pearl detail is elegant and classy. The belt steals the show and I love that one small part of the outfit can make it all come together and instantly give that luxe feel. This definitely won’t be the last you’ll see of it, trust me.

Outfit Details:

BeltBootsMango BagBlack Jeans