Teddy Style

Good Morning,

In the freezing temperatures of winter it’s so easy to throw on the biggest and thickest jumpers or jackets to try and stay warm whilst out in the elements but at times they can be unflattering or unfashionable. It’s important to stay warm and avoid exposing ourselves to the harsh conditions but if we can still look and feel good at the same time then that’s the ultimate result.

I picked up this teddy style coat in Primark on 30th December 2016. I don’t remember every date I buy something but I remember this purchase specifically because I bought it before a spa day at Blythswood Square followed by Paolo Nutini at the Night Afore Concert in Edinburgh. Anyway it was on sale for £10 and I decided if I only wore it once I’d have gotten my money’s worth. I had no expectations I’d wear it or even like it but it was such a spur of the moment purchase and at such a low price, it didn’t really matter. I was really surprised when I tried it at home with various outfits and realised how good it looked, how well it went with the existing things in my wardrobe and how god damn cosy it was.

It really gives a luxurious look and feel and you’d never think it was only £10 let alone from Primark. I’m not saying it’s the highest quality coat I’ve ever had but it’s certainly not bad quality. The hairs don’t shed as much as I thought they would and it’s not at all itchy. I can’t wear anything that’s itchy as it irritates my skin and I’ve ended up having to take an anti-histamine on occasion simply because I’ve been allergic to a fabric. Cheap fabrics which shed easily really bother my sensitive skin and it’s just not worthwhile. It’s not always cheap materials either, I’ve had higher quality pieces present the same results and it can be hard to get the balance right.

This coat is the main feature of this outfit. It doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing underneath as all that you’ll see is the coat. I like that, especially as when out and about that’s all people see anyway. You could be wearing the most dazzling dress yet nobody sees it because of the outerwear. I’ve always been pretty selective with my jackets and coats for that very reason. First impressions are crucial and if you’re wearing a 10 year old jacket that’s lost all shape and style, regardless of what you’ve got on underneath, that’s the first thing people will see and judge you on.

I’ve added a crop jumper underneath with some black jeans for a simple and casual look. The jumper is thick and cosy and paired with the coat, is perfect for the freezing temperatures of late.

Outfit Details: 

Zara BagTeddy CoatBlack JeansKurt Geiger Spectacular Boots