Good Morning,

When I first laid eyes on these trainers it was like the heart eye emoji in real life. The gold detailing and pop of colour with the red stripe is exactly what I was looking for. I’m not big on trainers for everyday wear but there are times when they’re simply essential and I knew they’d be ideal for my upcoming trip to Italy. That way I can be comfortable and actually take practical footwear for once (where’s the fun in that I hear you say) but also stay fashionable and not feel like I’m too casual whilst strolling the Milano streets or while exploring Venice as you just never know who you might meet. Especially in Milan during fashion week.

The sole is quite chunky but I’m ok with it. It gives much needed height as I always feel really short in flat shoes. I think I’ve become accustomed to heels and I feel as though I’m taller than I actually am, until I wear flats and remember I’m pretty short.

The gold detailing goes perfectly with some of my new bag purchases. It adds a luxurious touch and works well with the other colours.

 Outfit Details:

KG TrainersZara JeansMango BagBlue Coat