Red & White Stripes

Good Morning,

 Red and white stripes on Valentines Day, how romantic eh? Sadly that’s about as romantic as it’ll get for me this year but it’s fine, I’ll treat myself to some strawberries and chocolate tonight or ice cream. Or both…

Anyway I picked up this stripe bodysuit from Miss Selfridge via ASOS to bring some colour into my otherwise monochrome dominated wardrobe. I love to hate bodysuits. They are ideal in that they give a nice shape and can be worn with jeans without having the annoying top tucked in but creeping out scenario. They are also usually high neck and although the material is generally quite thin, I find them to be quite thermal and they keep me warmer than a big chunky jumper would. The downside is the VPL and hassle when going to the bathroom but it’s no worse than a playsuit or jumpsuit and sometimes we just need to accept that style comes first.

The thin stripe design is really flattering and it definitely gives a slimmer illusion that thicker stripes would. Paired with the rich navy of the jeans, the red tones are enhanced and I like the contrast between the two. There’s a very definite line of where the top meets the jeans and I think that also helps to give a nice frame especially as the jeans are high waist and the meeting point is at the smallest part. This helps with the illusion of longer legs too which I’m always striving for. The ruffle detail of the jeans adds to the detail and flirty vibe going on.

A quilted blue velvet bag adds another rich element and works really well with the red and white stripes. The size is perfect for day to day wear and the gold hardware exudes elegance. The light coloured scarf with pearl detail is beautiful and is in keeping with the rest of the tones.

Adding a light shearling jacket on top cuts through the rich colour detail and just lifts the outfit overall. It’s the perfect combination around this time of year when the days are slowly but surely getting longer and we’re moving away from the wild winter weather. Hopefully blue sky days will become more frequent and outfits like this can become the norm.

Outfit Details:

Stripe BodysuitHatVelvet Kensington BagBootsZara Jeans



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