Velvet & Stripes

Good Morning,

I wasn’t sure my velvet bag would go with so many different outfits but I’ve been proved wrong. Not only does it go with a lot more than I expected but it literally enhances everything it’s paired with and makes the outfit look and feel far more luxurious than it actually is.

Today’s outfit is a perfect example. A thick, chunky knit jumper with jeans and boots – nothing ground breaking there. Add the quilted velvet bag with the gold detailing and voila – instantly there is an air of exuberance. Ok that might be a slight exaggeration but you get what I mean.

I have worn this jumper so much the last few weeks and I love how comfortable and cosy it is. It’s so easy to throw on and go which is exactly what I need sometimes. It’ll definitely be going in my suitcase for Milan at the weekend and I’m currently deliberating over the rest of my outfits. I find it so hard to decide what to wear in advance of a trip. First of all, the weather can change which can be the difference of wearing something practical but not quite fashionable to being able to rock that teddy coat in style. Secondly, I generally decide what to wear depending on my mood and how I’m feeling on the day. I might plan to wear a really nice dress but on the day I’m just not feeling it. Thirdly, plans might change. At the moment we’re likely to go to Venice for the day and I’d like to wear a nice outfit for taking pics while getting lost and exploring the canals however it really depends on how we get on. They changed our flight time which means we lose an entire day (thanks for that Easyjet) so time is limited. Lastly, I tend to gain inspiration from everything and everywhere so I might get an outfit idea on the plane and then I don’t have the means to put it together which can be frustrating and usually ends up in me going out and buying things last minute. It’s a tough one and I haven’t yet mastered the art of outfit planning in advance but I’ll keep trying.

Anyway this outfit is an easy one to have if in doubt about what to wear.

Outfit Details:

Stripe JumperVelvet Kensington BagBootsZara Jeans