Knitwear in Spring

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Usually around this time of year I’m switching up my wardrobe, moving the jumpers and thick layers into storage and bringing in the lighter colours and materials for Spring. Unfortunately it looks like the winter knitwear needs to stay around a bit longer thanks to the extreme weather conditions. Forgive my ignorance but I thought our dear planet was getting hotter not colder? The sea temperatures are rising causing coral reefs to bleach, the polar bears are in danger due to ice melting yet here we are in the middle of March with 3 feet of snow and temperatures didn’t rise above zero for weeks. I literally don’t have any footwear appropriate for the conditions and spent 6 days housebound as my Mercedes ain’t so good in snow or ice.

Anyway the freak weather has allowed me to get some wear of the pieces I bought on my trip to Milan. I spent a considerable amount of time in the Zara store (it was massive) and made sure to explore all floors and all departments to avoid missing any hidden gems. I mentioned in my Milan post that the Zara stores in Europe seem to have a better variety of stock and the prices tend to be a little cheaper ie something that is £30 here is 30 euro and although the exchange rate doesn’t make as much of a difference than it used to, if you are buying a lot of stuff it all adds up.

Whilst browsing the kids department for a hat for my incredibly small head, I spotted a few jumpers that I had to try on. I took an age 13-14 into the changing rooms and ended up having to get an age 11-12 which seems crazy but they fit perfectly! There’s always a risk with the kids department that the sleeves will be too short or if it’s a jacket, the hood is generally the give away but these fit like a dream and don’t look out of place on a 27 year old adult. At least I hope they don’t anyway.

The first one is a beautiful cream knit with a polka dot ribbon laced at the shoulder. It’s super chic with the polka dot ribbon detail bang on trend at the moment but also subtle enough to just dress up an otherwise casual knit jumper. As you can see, the sleeves are fine and I like the high neck too.

It’s perfect for day to day wear with jeans and boots which has been the norm for the last while thanks to the weather. I’ve no idea how people in Canada or Russia dress through the long harsh winters as I literally have no inspiration when it’s snowing, I just want to hide at home in comfy clothes.

Anyway, this jumper is a great option for the moment as it’s light and fresh in colour but thick and warm for the cold. The other bonus of buying from the kids section is the lower price point which means more money to spend on other items.

Would you have guessed this was from the kids department if I hadn’t declared it?

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Kids JumperBootsZara BagBlack Jeans



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