Dusty Jeans

Good Morning,

It’s funny how things change as you get older. I wouldn’t have worn a pair of faded jeans before yet I’ve only gone and bought a pair with that exact effect. I’ve probably got a few pairs that are washed out and could have done the job but it wouldn’t have been the same would it?

 These jeans have a particular dusty/dusky feel which has drawn me to them for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because we’re coming into summer and it feels like we can get away with more given that lighter colours and pastel shades tend to go well with the tone of the jeans. Had these come out in winter I probably wouldn’t have been as interested as paired with a black top or grey would have looked out of place given the likely bold and full colour of the other items I’d be wearing against the washed out look and feel of the jeans.

Anyway I really like them as you can probably gather from the fact they’ve featured in so many outfits recently. I’ve worn with a white blouse partly inspired by the model on the website. Topshop styled with a very similar white embroidered blouse and of course I was sold. Fortunately but also unfortunately, it was a beautiful sunny day when I took these photos and this has resulted in the white being overexposed. I’ve tried to correct it but it just didn’t happen and that’s where my editing skills are lacking. I would rather the pictures were right from the point of taking them rather than trying to fix retrospectively however it wasn’t until I transferred them to the pc that I realised how bad it was. I decided to share even though I’m not satisfied with the quality but sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses and get on with it.

Moving on, statement boots are perfect for Spring and go well with the embroidered detail of the blouse too. My little cross body bag holds my everyday essentials and is pretty and petite.

Outfit Details:

BlouseDusty JeansKurt Geiger Mini Kensington X Bag