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Paperbag Jeans

Good Morning, A few weeks ago I was talking about wanting to get some new jeans after wearing the same skinny style for so long. Being petite, it’s difficult to find a shape to suit as some can be really unflattering and make me appear shorter than I actually am.…

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Perfect Spring Blouse

Good Morning,  It’s time to get the short sleeve tops and blouses out now that Spring is in swing and we’re on the way to summer. I’ve been living in long sleeves for what feels like forever so it’s a little daunting showing more skin and getting the arms out…

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Stripe Jumpsuit

Good Morning & Happy Friday! I’m ready for summer in today’s outfit and it’s about time too. I got this jumpsuit from Zara for my upcoming holiday but I thought I’d get some wear out of it before then. A white tee underneath is the perfect way to make it…

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Dusty Jeans

Good Morning, It’s funny how things change as you get older. I wouldn’t have worn a pair of faded jeans before yet I’ve only gone and bought a pair with that exact effect. I’ve probably got a few pairs that are washed out and could have done the job but…

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Good Morning, I mentioned on Monday that I’ve started packing for my upcoming trip to Cape Verde. This is one of my travel outfit options. I always like to be smart when travelling but at the same time I always ensure I’m comfortable as there’s nothing worse at 40,000 ft…

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