Beach Essentials

Having just returned from a two week vacation, I thought it would only be appropriate that my first blog post be holiday related.  In fact – my next few posts will probably be of the same nature so be prepared.

I spent two week’s in Egypt – my 14th visit in 7 years – yes, you could call it my second home!  I love to go there to relax and unwind and I pretty much spend the whole time in a bikini – pure bliss! Most of my time is spent on a sun lounger, reading a book or magazine or listening to music.  When the heat gets too intense, a dip in the pool or a snorkel in the Red Sea tends to do the trick.

Considering most of my time is spent relaxing, I thought i’d do a post on what essentials are in my beach bag to keep me occupied.

beach essentials

From Left to Right – Crochet iPad Clutch Bag – Next, Canon Digital Camera, Piz Buin SPF 30 Lip Balm, Playing Cards – Emirates, Kindle, Magazine, iPod Classic

This year I’ve opted for a smaller beach bag as I’ve realised there’s no need to be carrying lots of things around and also to avoid the risk of something getting lost or damaged.


Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Block £29.99 – Beauty Flash, Piz Buin Spf 6 – Boots

When it comes to suncream, having oily skin can be a nightmare when it comes to the beach – nothing worse than a shiny face and I find normal suncreams clog up my pores causing nasty breakouts – just what you don’t want on holiday!  I swear by Dermalogica’s Oil Free Matte Block – it is a bit pricey but it definitely suits my skin and I wouldn’t use anything else now.  Keeps my face nice and matte all day long and doesn’t cause breakouts – perfect.