Zara ‘Skort’


I bought these shorts a while ago and even took them on holiday but i’ve never got round to wearing them.

Main reason for not wearing them so far is they were not the best fit for me.  They look fine from the front but the back was totally gaping so I avoided wearing them as showing your knickers is not really the look I’m going for!

However, after seeing everybody and their granny wearing them, I thought I best get in on the action and make use of what I have instead of letting them hide away in the wardrobe along with hundreds of other unworn items.

I pulled them out yesterday and to my horror, they now fit a little bit better.  Either I’ve some gained weight (thanks to ice cream) or they’ve magically shrunk whilst hiding in the wardrobe – OBV i’m going with the second option!!


They are still a little bit loose but definitely more wearable.

So… I started trying different tops to go with them and ended up torn between two looks:





I ended up going with this outfit and it kept me lovely and cool whist running errands and spending the afternoon in the garden with family.