The dilemma I’m sure many face each morning before work… what will I wear today?

Over the last 10 days with the AMAZING weather we’ve had here in the UK, the workwear dilemma has only increased as I’ve been trying to put together outfits that will keep me cool in the heat but still be smart enough for the office.  I take pride in what I wear and I like to dress appropriately for work.  I always prefer to go more formal than casual – first impressions are everything.

It’s been pretty tough and has taken quite a bit of planning in the evenings but I’ve managed to wear something different every day so far – result! I’ve also managed to wear some of my summer wardrobe which I didn’t think would see light of day after my holiday so its been a success all round.

Below are some of my outfits I’ve wore to work in recent days:

Workwear 1

Workwear 2

Workwear 3

And then for Dress Down Friday, the past 3 weeks outfits.

Dress Down Fridayx