Packing Part 1

Where to start…

Last year, I was extremely lucky to land my dream job and I was then faced with the challenge of preparing to move 3500 miles across the globe to start a new life in a foreign land.

Now… how are you supposed to fit your whole life into 3 suitcases with a maximum allowance of 50kg – Seriously? It’s just not possible!

Okay, I didn’t need to worry about furniture or anything like that but still – 50kg is not much when you really think about it.  After the everyday essentials and toiletries were added, I probably had about 35kg left.

PackingListLists are great – this is my essentials…

Although I was going to be living in a country with year round sunshine and summer temperatures between 45-50 degrees, I was also going to need clothes from my Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter wardrobe as my job was going to involve travelling anywhere in the world – from Moscow to Melbourne, Rio to India, Nairobi to Madrid and I would need appropriate clothing depending on the current climate of the destination.

I have a very certain way of packing – I think some people call it OCD.  I’m extremely organised and like everything to be neat and tidy, folded and tightly packed in a certain way in order to get more in and to keep everything clean and crisp.



As you can see – everything is in its place.

I have a few little secrets when it comes to packing too.

Bag Packers

I use these Bag Packers from Amazon – they are a life saver and are absolutely perfect for delicates or any other items you want to be kept separate.  They keep everything fresh and are an absolute bargain.


I also use these Plastic Cosmetic Bags from M&S – they are perfect for toiletries and liquids and help to avoid any nasty surprises when you reach your destination.  Nothing worse than arriving and finding the shampoo has leaked all over your suitcase.

So, how did I manage to pack my life into 50kg?

Well let’s be honest here – I didn’t.  I failed BIG time! At the check-in desk my luggage weighed 57kg – 7kg overweight eeeek!  At £20 per kilo I was freaking out about the cost!  I was extremely lucky that day (I haven’t been since) and they decided not to charge me – phewwww!

A few weeks after getting settled into my new life, I decided I didn’t have enough of my own things and I wanted some more of my home comforts sent over.  I arranged to get a further 50kg of my belongings shipped.  I appreciate I probably have too much stuff but when your living in a foreign land – the small things make a big difference and I wanted to make my place more homely.  Of course a further 14 pairs of shoes arrived too – would have been rude not too when I was getting other things shipped!


Special Delivery 







IMG_0212Very important items OBV!

My room went from this:



To This:




Of course after 6 weeks, I decided it would be a good idea to move to another apartment with my friend…



What I didn’t realise was how much I had accumulated in such a short space of time.  After arriving with 3 suitcases – I now had all this stuff and had to get a removal truck. I simply couldn’t physically have moved any other way!

Coming soon – Packing Part 2…