Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

 Top of my list of trips for next year is Paris, Venice and Barcelona.

When taking short trips such as city breaks or weekends away, it is tough to decide what to pack.  The weather dictates everything and there is nothing worse (in my opinion) than being inappropriately dressed for the conditions.

It is also important to utilise the space you have, whether that be a small cabin sized bag or a holdall.  Try to not waste space on unnecessary heavy bulky items.

A few tips I’ve picked up along the way include :

Keep all travel documents in a document holder/wallet – this helps keep everything in one place and avoids unnecessary panic at the airport when your passport has made mischievously made its way to the very bottom of your bag.

Travel Wallet

This one is cute and available here from Not On The High Street

Transfer toiletries into smaller, more manageable bottles for travelling.



Keep toiletries separate from clothing by packing them in a seal proof pouch to avoid any nasty leaks.


If packing a handbag – place accessorises, hairbrushes, comb, chargers, belts etc inside the bag to make the most of the space.

Pack socks inside shoes – it will help them keep their shape and stop them from getting all squashed.


My new companion which will be joining me on all future travels!

What are your essential travel items?