Zara Splurge Part 1

‘Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleeeeep, dreaming about the things that we could be’

I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree recently.

There are too many good buys out there at the moment, I simply cannot resist!

Last night, I dreamt I won £30 million on the lottery – if only that were true eh…

The first instalment of the Zara Splurge contains a pair of shoes and a pair of boots (just what I needed OBVIOUSLY)!!!


Zara 3

These first caught my eye on the Zara website about a month ago and when I saw they were back in stock this week, I snapped them up.

Zara 5

Zara 6

Next up are these cute little Chelsea Boots which I thought would be perfect for all weather conditions.

Unfortunately, I have been unsatisfied with both of the above which is really annoying and I will be returning them.

The boots, being ‘welly’ consistency, are just a bit average and I was really disappointed with them.  At £59.99, I expected better quality.

The shoes, as you can see, have lots of straps going across.  The picture doesn’t really show it properly but one of the straps is much wider than the rest and its totally gaping which looks pretty ridiculous when on.

As much as I am Zara’s biggest fan, I’ve never been a lover of their shoes. The quality is not up to standard and I’ve always found myself disappointed.  I was hoping my opinion would change with these but unfortunately not.

Zara 7

Another thing I purchased this week was a simple tee but with just enough detail to jazz it up.

Tee 3

Tee 5

Check back tomorrow for part 2…