I Ain’t Nobody’s Slave


I wrote this on Tuesday night.  I’ve never wrote a poem before in my life.  I came out of the shower and was about to turn on the hairdryer when I heard a Plane take off and I knew it would be the Emirates 777 heading back to Dubai.  Something came into my head and I scrambled to get a piece of paper.  I just began writing and after 10 or 15 minutes it was complete.  It was the most random thing I’ve ever done but it felt good.

I read it to my family and my friend who was also previously an Air Hostess, I was eager to hear her reaction as I was unsure about posting it on social media.

Her reaction was exactly what I needed and I decided to share it.  I appreciate some of the terminology may not be familiar if you are not in the Airline Industry but it’s basically what my day to day life was like when I was working as a Hostie – very glam as you can see… NOT!

If even just one person reads this and can relate to it in some way, then sharing it is worthwhile and I’ll be satisfied.