I’ve joined the Triangl Club.

It was only a matter of time to be honest…

Holli Hyde 8

Holli Hyde B&W

I’ve had my eye on their bikini’s for a while now although I was a bit hesitant to purchase as I was unsure of the sizing and didn’t want to get it wrong then have to send it all the way back.  I was also worried about how flattering they would be as on Instagram everyone wearing them appears to have the perfect body.

I did my research and decided to go for a size small on top and bottom.  I’m a 30DD so I figured the XS top would probably be too tight and due to the shape of the bottoms, I didn’t want them to be cutting in and creating additional unwanted curves so I went for small on the bottoms as well.

I ordered on Thursday 17th July, my order was shipped on Monday 21st of July and I received it on Thursday 24th July.

All the way from Singapore in only 3 days for only $20 – now that’s the kind of service I like.

Holli HydeHolli Hyde 4Holli Hyde 3Holli Hyde 2

Winnie – Holli Hyde $89

Dakota Superfly 3

Dakota Superfly $89

Dakota Superfly 5Dakota Superfly 3Dakota Superfly 1 Dakota Superfly 2It was a huge relief when I tried them on and both fitted perfectly.  They are probably the most flattering bikinis I have ever encountered actually.

The top is secure and supportive without being restrictive and the bottoms are comfortable and not too revealing.

I’ll be wearing these in Dubai in a couple of weeks and I’ll report back on their wearability and endurance although I have no doubt they will live up to my high expectations and I’ll probably end up wanting to buy more for my next trip!