Top of the World

Last week I headed back to Dubai for a short break and to give my mum a whistle-stop tour.

One of the things I didn’t get around to doing whilst I was living there was to go to the Top of Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.

The observation deck is situated on the 124th floor although there are almost 40 floors above so you’re not really at the top but let’s face it, you are high enough to appreciate the view.

We booked the 5:30pm slot to appreciate the view during sunset and I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance.  Not only will you save around 75% on the price but you will also save a lot of time queuing.  I pre-booked the tickets directly with At The Top and we arrived around 5pm to allow enough time just in case there were any queues.  I was able to collect my tickets from the self serve machine within the At The Top souvenir shop which is directly next to the entrance.  The process only took a minute or two – you enter your surname and telephone number (including country code – this fooled a few people) and your tickets appear from the slot below.  No need to queue, you can head straight to the door and enter the line for the lift.

Once you’ve gone through the airport style security, you make your way through a series of corridors and up a couple of moving staircases to the lift area.  The lift is super smooth to the point where you don’t even feel like you’re moving although your ears will probably be popping and the fact the floors are jumping up by 10 in what feels like a second is quite surreal.

Then you arrive At The Top.

View 7

The Address

At The Top 5At The Top 6View 5At The Top 2


Burj Khalifa 4

I would definitely recommend going to the top if you are in Dubai.  Although there isn’t much to do whilst up there, it is just an observation deck but I do believe it is worth a visit.  If you are up there from 6pm you will be able to watch the fountains from above which is quite a different experience.