2014 Round Up

2014 has been a pretty epic year. It has been filled with fun, laughter, travel, new experiences and amazing memories. Of course there have been challenges and struggles too but these only make you stronger.

Some of my highlights include:

Beyonce Collage 1

Two nights at The Mrs Carter Show in Glasgow

Egypt Collage

Two weeks in Egypt, my home from home

Dubai Collage

5 days in Dubai

On The Run

3 days in Paris – Beyonce & Jay-Z On The Run

Paris Collage

A further 5 days exploring Paris

Paolo In Paris

Paolo Nutini at Le Bataclan, Paris

TunisiaOne week in Tunisia




And plenty of other shenanigans…


2014 was the year of the Spa for me. I had never been to a spa before and the ball started rolling when I received a gift voucher from my brother last Christmas. From then I was hooked. It’s something I really wish I had done sooner because it’s such a treat and so rewarding. Since my first visit, I have had a further 6 visits throughout the year, the most recent being on Christmas Eve which was probably the best way I’ve ever spent it and how I would like to spend it going forward. There’s nothing more relaxing than knowing you have all the Christmas preparations in hand, all the presents wrapped up, you are going for a spa day and getting a massage just to relieve any last minute stress followed by Afternoon Tea with Prosecco. Then you can just go home, curl up on the sofa and await Santa’s arrival. This is how I plan to spend Christmas Eve every year…


I also enjoyed a tonne of Afternoon Tea’s at various different places which has probably not been great for my waistline but certainly a nice treat now and then. My favourite has to be Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow. The Afternoon Tea is very luxurious. You get a full 3 tier stand per person with 5 different sandwich options, two different scones with cream and jam and then a selection of patisseries, which have been different each time I’ve visited. This makes it a wee bit more exciting as you don’t know what to expect each time. The Corinthian in Glasgow is also a favourite and the room it is served in is very special and definitely worth a visit.

Afternoon Tea

As you will have seen from above, 2014 was a year filled with plenty of trips. I’ve had two weekends in London, two trips to Paris, two weeks in Egypt, one week in Tunisia and 5 days in Dubai. I’m very grateful to be able to travel when I want, to wherever I want, with whoever I want, it’s very liberating and something I will never take for granted.

Now to start planning for 2015!