Keeping warm but remaining fashionable in the Winter months can be challenging. It’s easy to want to stay in your duvet at all times however that is definitely not going to win you any best dressed awards.

 I find the way to make it work is by layering.

Multiple thin layers are supposedly more effective than one thick layer. The temperatures have been pretty low recently and although I have sometimes felt like throwing on the biggest, baggiest, ugliest jumper I own just for comfort, I have tried to think of ways to keep warm but remain stylish at the same time.

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This coat is a recent purchase from Topshop after spying it on blogger Sincerely Jules. It is really oversized so I went with the smallest size available and I still had plenty room when wearing a top and blazer underneath.

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I’ve been experimenting with different colours recently and previously I wouldn’t have opted for a green blazer however this one is the perfect shade and style. It can be dressed up or down and it is nicely fitted which gives a good shape and allows you to still feel feminine.

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An oversized scarf is an absolute must have in the winter months. This is an old one from Zara and although the material is thin, it does really keep you warm when wrapped around.


Coat – Topshop / Blazer – Zara / Jeans – Zara / Blouse – River Island / – Boots – CJG – Topshop / Scarf – Zara