Boat Life

Having recently returned from a lovely relaxing holiday, I’ve definitely got the blues. I’ve been trying to cure them by looking through my photos, reminiscing and reliving the experiences and memories we created.

Boat Life 27

One thing we always enjoy doing whilst in Egypt is to head out on the boat for a snorkelling trip. Egypt has some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and when you put your head under the water, you are entering a whole other world. Last year I had a bit of an experience with a white tip reef shark (post here) which left me nervous about going back into the sea however it would have been a wasted day on the boat if I hadn’t gone in so I faced my fear and went for it. The water was crystal clear and full of beautiful creatures and it was all worth it in the end.

Boat Life 31Boat Life 333Boat Life 136Boat Life 135Boat Life 140Boat Life 152Boat Life 129Boat Life 119Boat Life 20Boat Life 16Boat Life 4I wish I could spend my days like this more often…

Wearing Strawberry Kiss by Triangl.