Triangl Bikinis – An Honest Review

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Anyone who knows me will know how much of a bikini addict I am. I think at last count I had around 58 bikinis and I have added at least15 (if not more) to that total in the last couple of months. It’s always difficult to find a bikini that fits well and is flattering. I love the pretty colours and designs of the Triangl range. I purchased two last year and tested them out in Dubai and Tunisia. I found them to be a good fit on the top (I went for a small) and a bit annoying on the bottom if I’m completely honest. The neoprene is great for coverage and hold but I found the fit to be quite unflattering. The bottoms kind of cut me off and made me look bigger than I actually am. They basically created curves in places you don’t really want to have curves.

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Being a sucker for a pretty and practical bikini, I purchased another two before my latest trip to Egypt. I opted for Poppy – Flamingo Fling and Lily – Strawberry Kiss. Poppy – Flamingo Fling has unremovable straps and is more of a bra-style. I requested confirmation of the sizing through live chat before purchasing and opted for small+ based on that assistance. Unfortunately when the bikini arrived the top was far too big. The dilemma I was faced with was that I didn’t have enough time to get a smaller size delivered before my trip so did I want to pay to return the bikini (after having paid customs charges to receive it) or did I keep it and mix and match the bottoms with the top of my other ones? It seemed logical to just keep it and mix and match with other tops so that’s what I did. It’s a shame as the size guide is obviously inaccurate and I now have a lovely bikini top I can’t wear with confidence.

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Lily – Strawberry Kiss on the other hand was a perfect fit. I went for small on top and bottom as it was the same bandeau style of the other two bikinis I had and they both fit well. The material of the latest styles is much more flexible than the previous ones. It is also thinner so more flattering and doesn’t create those nasty curves. The bottoms are still a bit annoying but far less so than the older bikinis. It seems Triangl are developing and making progress. It doesn’t help that they keep adding new even more beautiful styles/designs which makes me want to buy them all but you can never have too many bikinis. That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it!!

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