This is a post I had drafted prior to the events of last weekend. I was going to discard it but I feel like I should still share what I was/am feeling.

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 25. I feel like 25 is a bit of a milestone. Today Adele releases her long awaited third album appropriately titled 25. I can’t help but think that’s fate – I’m a huge Adele fan. Anyway I had a lovely day and I celebrated with my family last night. Today I’m off to do what I love to do best on my birthday, travel…

That’s right! I’m off to Paris, my favourite place to see one of my favourite people. Can’t wait to be back in a place where although I don’t speak the language and have not actually lived or spent a massive amount of time, I always feel perfectly at home.


The last 6 words are almost haunting now. Are we safe anywhere these days?