February Round Up

February Outfits 1 Feburary Round UpFebruary Outfits 3

February’s been and gone and March has arrived.

Just. Like. That.

February was pretty good to me. There was quite a lot going on. I started the month off right with a relaxing Spa Day at The Carrick Spa following my weekend in Paris. It was exactly what I needed and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Beautiful surroundings and luxurious facilities, it was definitely a highlight of the month. Fortunately there were quite a few highlights this month including the epic Superbowl Performance, securing tickets for the Formation World Tour and booking a holiday to Cape Verde. Not bad if I do say so myself.

I’ve got quite a lot planned for March so hopefully the good times will continue. I was in London yesterday for work, I’m heading to Milan next week, I’ve got an afternoon tea booked at The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, a spa day at the Westerwood Hotel and there’s also the long Easter weekend at the end of the month. How exciting!

Anyway above is a February round up. My outfits are all black, white or grey as usual. Some things never change. My favourite has got to be the all black outfit from Palais Royale in Paris. My other favourite is the Rose Pistachio Mocha from Starbucks. I don’t usually drink coffee but that was lush and probably full of sugar but it was a one off so it’s fine…