Strolling through Glasgow









Good Morning Monday!

Glasgow is such a beautiful City. Often we take for granted what we have and the beauty around us. Sometimes it takes leaving to realise how special the place you’ve left behind is. It’s also funny the things you miss. It’s not the kind of things you’d expect. Having lived in Dubai, fresh air and greenery is something I really craved. The Scottish air is as fresh as it comes and greenery is around every corner. Traffic can be heavy in every big City however traffic in Dubai is on another level and the driving of the gazillion different nationalities each following their own rules is frightening. Getting in a car at any point is a major risk. You can be the best driver in the world but it doesn’t matter, you will have countless close calls on every journey and getting anywhere fast is a struggle. This is something I definitely don’t miss. Having a 15 minute journey to work each day now is an absolute dream.

It’s only now I’ve been away and returned that I appreciate these simple things.

Anyway this is a bit of a reflective post for a monday but I’d thought I’d share my feelings once in a while. I should maybe have taken some more picturesque photos to go alongside this post but not to worry, the photos were taken in one of my favourite places in Glasgow. When I win the lotto, I will buy a house here…

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