What To Wear When It’s Scorching In The UK












Scotland has been basking in the most beautiful weather for over a week now. I’d like to think I brought the sun back from Salou but I think it started before I came back. When this happens which lets face it isn’t very often, there is a tendency for what’s known as ‘Taps Aff’ to occur. As soon as the sun comes out, everyone strips off and goes about their business half naked. Let’s just say you see some sights…

Anyway as we’ve had over a week of beautiful weather I wanted to do a post on the struggle to decide what to wear when it’s super hot. Most people revert to their holiday wardrobe but you’re not on holiday, you still need to go to work and do the normal day to day tasks. Beachwear is not appropriate for certain situations and the struggle is real to get the balance right.

Friday’s are for dressing down at my work and last Friday I relished in being able to wear something comfortable, cool and loose fitting but still remaining appropriate for the office should there be any visitors. The trousers are from French Connection and I’ve had them for about 7 years now. They were £87 and I think I got them on sale however when you consider the lifespan they were definitely worth it. I still get comments when I wear them which I think is a pretty good sign of a worthwhile purchase. I pulled the outfit together in about 5 minutes in a panic when I couldn’t decide what to wear. Sometimes those outfits are the best as you haven’t had time to overdo or over polish it.

My 3 Top Tips for dressing appropriately during UK summers are as follows:

Don’t show too much skin

Always be comfortable

Stick to one pattern and ensure it flatters your figure

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