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Hello Friday!

Another day off and I could get easily get used to working a 4 day week. It’s a much better work/life balance. Anyway I’m starting the day with breakfast in bed which is sheer indulgence knowing everyone else is off to work. It’s the simple things we often take for granted that make all the difference. While enjoying a slower start to the day, I’m going to start preparing my Christmas shopping list. I feel like it’s acceptable to talk about Christmas now we’ve entered November. With two extra special additions to the family this year, Christmas just got even more exciting and even more expensive at the same time. As I’m off on holiday in a few weeks, I want to make sure I’m organised and not stressed out when I get back trying to get everything sorted in a rush.

Anyway moving on, today’s outfit is not necessarily appropriate for the current weather conditions but it was quite mild when I took the photos. Add a couple of layers on top and it’ll be fine. I’m a huge fan of a bodysuit and especially this one with the high neck, low back detailing. I got it from M&S a while ago and it only cost £5 in the sale. Absolute bargain and I’ve certainly had more than my money’s worth. I’ve paired with my extremely flattering new high waist jeans from Topshop. I don’t know what I did before discovering high waist is the most suitable fit of jean for my body shape. It’s so difficult to wear low rise jeans these days as I just don’t feel or look good in them. Anyway I know what suits me now and I just need to stock up on more high waist jeans in different styles and shades to ensure I have lots of options.

Outfit Details: M&S BodysuitTopshop JeansTopshop BootsMango Bag

Have a great weekend!