Birthday Weekend

Good Morning!

I had such a lovely weekend celebrating my birthday I thought I’d share some photos from my phone. Celebrations started on Thursday with my work colleagues. On Thursday afternoon I was given an itinerary for Saturday and I was delighted to find out I was heading to Mar Hall Spa for a day of indulgence.


On Saturday morning I woke up to gifts and cards from family and friends. I had a chilled morning, got myself ready and met my friends at 1pm at Prezzo.


We had a lovely lunch and I received amazing gifts which I was not expecting over and above the spa trip which in itself was more than enough.

From there we headed to Mar Hall where I quickly discovered we were also going to be enjoying afternoon tea. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten pizza for lunch as I struggled to make my way through the scones and cakes but they were delicious.


We then enjoyed the spa area and at 5:30pm we were booked in for a massage which was amazing and exactly what we all needed. Afterwards we relaxed by the pool for a while before dragging ourselves away about 7:30pm.

On Sunday I had a very chilled out day spending quality time with my two favourite girls.


All in all it was the perfect birthday weekend!