Statement Boots

Good Morning,

I’m off work this week and enjoying every single second. Yesterday I spent the day at Blythswood Square enjoying the spa followed by an indulgent afternoon tea. I feel refreshed and it’s definitely the best way to spend a wet and dreary bank holiday Monday. I’ve got a busy week ahead with lots of plans and a pretty long to do list but I must say it’s great having time to get things done rather than trying to do everything at the weekend when I just want to chill.

One of the thing’s on my to do list is to get a whole load of stuff on eBay or Depop for sale. I’ve got so much stuff that is brand new or never worn and it’s better going to someone who will wear it rather than sitting in a wardrobe or drawer for years, never seeing the light of day. It will also allow me space for some of the Autumn pieces I’ve been picking up recently.

Talking about new additions to my wardrobe, today I bring to you the most beautiful embroidered lace boots I’ve ever seen. In fairness, they are probably the only embroidered lace boots I’ve ever seen but nevertheless. I spotted these on Zara’s website a few weeks ago and immediately purchased without hesitation. There’s nothing I love more when it comes to texture and design than lace and white lace on a sleek pair of black boots seems like the perfect way to continue wearing the delicate style through Autumn.

I immediately envisaged wearing these with a sleek all black outfit and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I didn’t want to take any attention away from the boots – they are the key piece and the outfit should always be put together around them.

At £40 I feel they are a standout addition to my wardrobe at a bargain price which is really good considering they are not an everyday pair of boots and won’t get as much wear as other more classic styles.

With black jeans and the cold shoulder blouse, this outfit is ideal for day or evening, dinner and drinks, shopping with friends or for a cinema date night.

A classy black quilted bag carries all my essentials and finishes off the overall outfit.

Outfit Details: Zara JacketH&M Cold Shoulder BlouseBlack JeansZara BootsMango Bag