Mom Jeans

Good Morning,

Today’s post is about mom jeans. Love them or hate them, they are everywhere at the moment and you’ll find them in abundance in stores in various styles.

 I already know this style of jean does not suit me however I like the thought of more slouchy fit and thought they should be comfortable at least for casual days, running errands etc.

First of all I ordered them in my usual size 6 and I also ordered a pair my usual style of skinny jeans from Zara. As they looked quite small I ordered the skinny jeans in an 8 just to be safe. Well the mom jeans in a 6 were far too big and the skinny jeans in an 8, far too tight. That’s the exact reason I hate shopping for jeans. In that moment you feel terrible about yourself. It’s not actually anything to do with my shape having changed dramatically, they’ve simply made them too small and the result of that is women everywhere feeling bad about themselves. Instead of sizing up I decided to be stubborn and just return them. I’m sure they won’t care but I kinda of feel like I’ve won haha!

With the mom jeans though, I was still curious about trying a different style of jean and ordered the 4 to give them a go. I’ve seen other people rocking them and they look great. A few examples are Emma Hill and Sheryl Luke. In theory, they should actually be ok for my shape as the high waist style is what I usually go for but I guess the wider legs and bagginess is where it falls down. Literally.

I tried styling as I had envisaged, a slogan tee and trainers for a causal day. That was an EPIC fail. The jeans made me look even shorter than I am and added volume in areas I simply don’t want or need it.

I decided to give it another go before listing on eBay and accepting defeat as I had mistakingly taken the tag off, silly I know.

On this occasion I decided to pair with a classy pair of heels to dress up the masculine style and to add height which would hopefully help. The feminine lace up style takes away from the boyfriend vibe of the jeans and definitely helps to balance the outfit.

I have to say, I’m still not 100% sure. I do think they look better with the red heels but I think that’s where the goodness ends.

I’d love to know what you think. Should I embrace the bagginess or list them on eBay?

Outfit Details: River Island CardiganNew Look Ruffle TopZara JeansTopshop ShoesFiorelli Bag