Tea Time – 8 October

Good Morning,

Welcome to a new series on titled Tea Time. In attempt to get more personal I’ll be sharing weekly updates of what I’ve been up to. Some weeks will be more exciting and eventful than others but that’s life I suppose.

I’m a huge tea lover with a cupboard full of different flavours and blends and hopefully some of you will enjoy reading these posts with a cup of your favourite tea, coffee or hot beverage of choice now that Autumn is well and truly upon us.

Sunday 1st October

I made a list when I woke up on of all the things that had to be done in the day. The list was rather long and included things like arranging gifts for my twin nieces first birthday, buying a new baby gift for a friend, looking out photos of my gran for a photo album we’re putting together for her 90th birthday and completing passport renewal applications online for my mum and dad. There were lots of other boring things like cleaning, tidying and changing bedsheets but I worked my way through and about 8:30pm, I ticked off the final thing and relished in the sense of achievement. If I hadn’t of made the list there’s no way I would have done half of the things. I’d probably have ended up binge watching Kardashians or Million Dollar Listing New York which is my fav.

Monday 2nd October

Monday turned out to be quite hectic and with a lack of sleep from a restless night, I found myself making silly mistakes and forgetting things like my M&S food shopping at work (first world disaster I know) which I had to go back for as it contained my dinner and I knew I wouldn’t have time to make anything else. I was looking after my nieces before shooting off to see Lorde in concert.

When we arrived at the venue about 8pm there was still a large queue so we waited in the car until it calmed down. I was pleased to see every single person being searched before entering as this is something that has always bothered me when going to gigs and long before the tragic events of 22nd May at the Ariana Grande concert although that wouldn’t necessarily have stopped what happened.

Anyway Lorde came on about 9:30pm with endless energy and enthusiasm. I’m not sure she was expecting such a lively crowd in Glasgow on a wet and windy Monday night but she sure enjoyed it. Her voice is incredible and she’s an amazing performer. I love her music but I have to be honest and say I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from her live show. She exceeded all expectations and was warm and relatable telling the stories behind some of the songs which I found really interesting. The crowd were wild and the place was jam-packed. Sweaty doesn’t even cut it. I had a great night and I’m really looking forward to the other gigs I’ve got coming up over the next few months. Music is definitely my escape.

Tuesday 3rd October

I might be 26 years young but inside I’m a 78 year old grandma. I can’t handle late nights. I went to bed at midnight and had about 7 hours sleep but it simply wasn’t enough. I worked from home and struggled through the day drinking lots of tea and counting down until 4:30pm. I had a quiet night on the sofa watching bake off before calling it a night.

Wednesday 4th October

It was a miserable, cold and wet day and I wanted to have a cosy night in but I had to run some errands including picking up the last bits and bobs for all the imminent birthdays. It was my last available opportunity to get things organised so it was worthwhile but I was happy to snuggle up in bed after running around the shops.

Thursday 5th October

I was looking after the twins after work. Dinner, bath and bedtime routine with lots of fun and games in between. They love being chased and squeal with excitement when you run after them. So much love.

Friday 6th & Saturday 7th October

We had the twins for a two night sleepover. Auntie duty was in full force. They are such good natured girls, always happy and smiling even at 1am…

On Saturday we had family over to visit in the afternoon then we had the usual dinner, bath and bed routine. The girls went to sleep at 9:30pm and I wasn’t far behind.


Check back Tuesday for a new Autumn Workwear post.