Black Ruffles

Good Morning,

This is what I wore a few weeks ago when I went to see Lorde in concert. I wasn’t really sure what to wear particularly as I didn’t know what type of audience she would attract but I decided going with an all black look was the best option. If ever in doubt, all black is the way to go.

A simple black top is casual enough for a gig yet not too causal as the ruffled sleeves add some finesse and flare. The biker style black jeans add some attitude and are comfortable enough for standing for a long period of time. My favourite shabby chic jacket on top adds some glam and is easy to throw on although I probably won’t wear it to a gig in future as it was far too hot and the loops kept catching on people. I didn’t wear these boots and instead opted for a flat pair as I didn’t want them getting ruined and I didn’t want the discomfort of standing in one place for a few hours in heels.

All in all it’s a simple outfit that could be worn for a variety of occasions.

Outfit Details: Zara JacketNew Look TopZara JeansTopshop BootsMango Bag