Tea Time – 22 October

Good Evening,

A quick recap of a busy but great week. Looking forward to a quieter week next week with some time to relax in the evenings.

Monday 16th October

I worked from home to avoid spreading the sickness bug to anyone at work especially as there’s quite a few pregnant women in the office. I looked after the twins in the evening and felt much better by the time I went to bed.

Tuesday 17th October

Hectic day. It was my bosses last day so we decorated his desk and prepared his gifts. He had a leaving presentation at 11am and then we went out for lunch to give him a good send off. After work I rushed over to the Apple Store for an appointment to try and fix my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately the hard drive is gone and as it’s 8 years old, they no longer make the parts therefore are unable to repair. If they did still have the parts it would be approx £200 to fix. I’d much rather put that money towards a new one anyway so I’ll do some research and decide which model is best suited then place an order.

Afterwards I headed over to my dear Gran’s to wish her a wonderful 90th birthday. We put together a photo album with lots of pictures of the family and a reminder of the great memories we’ve made over the years. We had tea and cake and celebrated the matriarch of our family.

Wednesday 18th October

After work, the girls and I visited our friend and her beautiful new baby boy. I only planned to stay for a short period of time but we ended up there until after 8pm. I came home, wolfed down some dinner, washed my hair and went straight to bed.

Thursday 19th October

After work I was looking after the twins. We had the usual dinner, bath and bed routine with lots of fun and giggles. Best way to de-stress and forget about everything else that’s going on.

Friday 20th October

After work I was out for dinner and mocktails with my friend at Pendulum in Paisley before heading to the Paolo Nutini show at Paisley Abbey. I have to say it was one of the most special gigs I’ve ever been to. The sound was incredible, the acoustics phenomenal and the setting in general was just magical. We had a great time and it was lovely to see Paolo so happy and playing a very intimate show in our home town.

Saturday 21st October

Late nights always catch up with me but I managed to get up early and out to take some blog pics. On the way back I collected my new MacBook Pro from the Apple Store – happy days. I can now catch up with all the YouTube videos I’ve missed as I usually watch them on my laptop in bed.

I quickly edited the photos I’d taken and got ready for my Gran’s 90th birthday celebrations with family. She had a great day and loved the cake we had made. It was delicious too. I got home around 6:30pm and collapsed on the sofa. Late nights every other night of this week have taken their toll and an early night is exactly what’s needed to catch up and re-energise for the week ahead.

Sunday 22nd October

I had a slow start to the day relaxing in bed and catching up with blogs and vlogs. I got ready and went to visit the newest member of our family. Baby Eilidh was born about 7 weeks early and she’s absolutely tiny but cute as a button. She’s definitely the smallest baby I’ve ever seen but she’s doing great. It was lovely to see her and have cuddles.

I changed my bedsheets and got my gym stuff prepared for the morning. Now all that’s left to do is sit down, relax and watch the F1. Grateful for a chilled Sunday as it’s been such a busy week and I do like to have some downtime to rest and catch up before another week begins.