Lace Boots


Good Morning,

That’s me, just casually posing outside someone’s house. Not feeling awkward at all. Not even when they decided to leave their home, interrupting my shoot. This is the daily struggle of a blogger. It’s so difficult to find different places to take outfit pictures without having to spend hours searching and without fighting with natural light which I always find challenging to get the balance right. I usually avoid bright sunlight and always prefer to have the sun behind me but on this particular day with clear blue skies and little time to fuss around I decided to just go for it and I was surprised by the result. Catching some shade from the trees above avoided the photos becoming too over exposed and there was little editing required apart from adjusting the contrast and saturation as usual.

Anyway on to the outfit. I prefer to wear these boots with an all black outfit for a sleek and classy look however they’re far too nice to reserve for only one particular type of outfit. On this occasion I decided to pair with a simple white, ruffled sleeve t-shirt, high waist jeans and an oversized boucle style coat. The plain white t-shirt creates a clean silhouette and goes well with the deep blue denim and soft grey of the coat. High waist jeans are ideal for every day wear and give the illusion of longer legs. The coat is oversized but cosy and comfortable and perfect for winter days. The boots are the show stopper of the whole outfit and they instantly grab your attention. The white lace detail adds some elegance and the heel is just the right height for wearing day to day. I still can’t believe they were only £40. They look much more expensive. The bag finishes off the look and I always gets compliments whenever I wear it. I’ve had it for a few years now but it’s still available at Zara.

Outfit Details: Zara CoatNew Look TopTopshop JeansZara BootsZara Bag