All White

Good Morning,

There’s nothing more classic on holiday than the white bikini. It has an eternal luxe feel and looks amazing with a golden tan and beachy hair. I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with my tan this time around as it took a while to develop and the weather wasn’t 100%. Being extremely impatient and having travelled at this time of year specifically for the weather, this didn’t bode well. It’s not bad but could and should be better. Not that it matters anyway as with below freezing temperatures in Scotland, nobody will even see it hidden away under a hundred layers whilst I try and stay warm.

 The combination of the white bikini, white top, white pool and white seating was a bit of a white overload but I love the clean, crisp freshness of white while on holiday.

The bikini is from ASOS and I purchased it right after I got back from my last trip in May. It still had the tag on waiting to be worn. The top has thick straps which as always, I’ve tucked in as I don’t need them and they are rather chunky. The bottoms are high waist (yes I bought all the high waist bikinis on ASOS) and are so comfortable. The white is really prominent and the shirred material is thick and double layered which is ideal for a white bikini as the worst possible situation is thin, see-through material. There’s just no need for that.

I loved wearing this bikini as it’s so clean and fresh and when you feel good in a bikini, it shows.

Outfit Details: ASOS BikiniZara White Lace Top