Colour Block

Good Morning,

One of my friends told me recently I should wear more colour. I’m always drawn to more classic shades such as white, black, grey and navy. They are my staples and I prefer to stick to what I know works for me and colours I know I can easily mix and match with the other pieces in my wardrobe. I do often like more colourful options but there’s always that voice in the back of my mind questioning whether I’ll get any wear out of it and whether it will work with my existing items. I found myself wearing more pink this summer which was a welcome addition to my usual colour palette but I don’t find myself drawn to pink in Autumn or Winter. Darker tones tend to creep into my day to day attire and for about 6 months of the year I end up wearing the same colours day in day out.

In an attempt to be a little more adventurous, I picked up this colour block jumper from Next. I say a little more adventurous as it’s still mainly in line with my usual style. The light and dark shades of grey with the cream are within my comfort zone but the pinky/purple stripe adds something new. It’s soft and subtle enough without being in your face. It blends in well with the other tones and the thick blocks of colour is a bit different from other jumpers I’ve seen recently. They usually have slim stripes and sometimes the colour can be lost or it can feel a bit busy.

The high neck is ideal for this time of year. It’s been absolutely freezing these last weeks and I can easily layer a thermal top underneath, throw this on top and then a jacket to ensure I keep warm. I don’t like being cold so it’s better to wear too many layers and if I feel too hot I can always take a layer off.

I’ve paired with jeans and boots for a classic and comfortable look. My little quilted bag holds only the essentials.

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