2017 Recap

2017 was a great year for many reasons. Watching my nieces grow and develop and discover has definitely been the highlight. Seeing them day in day out, always smiling and laughing, learning new things, talking non-stop, from starting to crawl to walking and now running across the room to greet you or to run away from you when they’ve got something they shouldn’t have i.e. a phone, the TV remote or a biscuit as we experienced this week. So much fun, so much love and so many more adventures and experiences to come.

 There was also music and I attended some great concerts including Bruno Mars, Lorde, Paolo Nutini, Newton Faulkner, James Arthur.

My dear Grandmother turned 90 years young. What an inspiration.

There were lots of new babies including my cousin’s daughter Clara, my friend had a baby girl and two of my other dear friends had baby boys. Lots of new life bringing love and joy into this crazy and often scary world we currently live in.

I travelled to Cape Verde twice, visited my friend down South and celebrated my birthday in Paris which was definitely a highlight.

2018 is looking good with lots of trips already booked including a visit to my friend down south soon, Milan and Venice in February and Cape Verde again in May. I’ll try and squeeze another trip sometime in Autumn then we’ll be finishing the year with my brother’s wedding. How exciting!

Cheers to another great year ahead.