Why I’m Suspending My Gym Membership

Good Morning,

The New Year has begun and everyone is kick starting their new routines, eating healthy and signing up for a new gym membership or attending the gym for the first time in a while. Meanwhile I’m over here having suspended my gym membership for 3 months and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I’ve got a few reasons for doing so which I’ll share with you now.

1. I haven’t been to the gym for a few months now. I used to be really committed, getting up at 5:30am to get a session in before work. These days I struggle to get up at 6:15am for work never mind any earlier. I managed a couple of sessions here and there but ultimately I couldn’t get into the swing of it. I struggle for time in the evenings so can’t commit to going after work either. Instead of my dad paying £25 per month for my non-attendance, that money can be easily spent elsewhere. It doesn’t seem a lot on a monthly basis but it adds up to £300 over the year which could easily cover a city break or weekend away which is better than giving £300 away and getting nothing back.

2. The gym will be heaving for the next 3 months with all the New Year resolutions. I don’t like when it’s so busy you can’t use the equipment you want to use at the time you want to use it so I’ve decided to skip that completely and avoid any unnecessary stress. Especially in the morning before work. That’s exactly what I don’t need.

3. I can do HIIT sessions and yoga from home. I have the Kayla Itsines programme which should be sufficient for my needs. There’s loads of yoga sessions on YouTube, the challenge is making time and being disciplined enough to stick to it.

4. How my body looks is approx 80% down to what I eat. Everyone is different but even when I’ve been 100% committed to the gym and keeping fit, I’ve always found what I eat is the biggest influence. Of course exercise helps and we need to keep active but if I focus more on eating well then that should be half the battle. You know the classic saying, you are what you eat? Well I’m pizza. Defo got to change that.

5. I want to focus more on getting outside, walking and getting fresh air. Gyms are man-made and artificial and when I was growing up I was out all day, every day. Running for miles, riding my bike, whizzing around on my rollerblades, making up games, playing netball, football, rounders, chap door runaway – literally doing anything and everything but always outside. I need to focus more on getting out on my lunch break even if it’s just for a 15 minute brisk walk and even when it’s raining.