White In Winter

Good Morning,

White is something a lot of people shy away from in Winter, not wanting to get it dirty or through feeling it’s too summery for the cold and dark days of winter. I love white anytime of year. More so in summer with golden sun kissed skin but also in winter to brighten up those long dark nights.

This dress is the perfect option to do just that, brighten up your day. I’m a huge fan of white lace as you probably know by now and I love seeing it transformed in different styles and designs. This dress is a beautiful example of how a simple fabric can create such a luxurious look and feel. The material is soft and comfortable yet appears delicate and fine. The intricate design is complemented by the the different elements with lining in all the right places and skin showing where it’s appropriate to do so. It is pretty short, I do find myself making sure I’m not exposing myself often whilst wearing but to find that I wasn’t gives me comfort that although it feels short, it does cover enough and I should relax a little.

I decided to style in a biker way for day to day wear. A leather jacket gives an instant biker feel and cool vibe. The stud boots with the straps open adds to that vibe and work well with the intricate detail of the dress. I love the clash of the delicate lace against the harsh, biker look. It works really well and just takes the edge off what is a very pretty and feminine dress.

My little cross body bag is the perfect accompaniment and finishes off the overall look.

Outfit Details:

Leather JacketLace Dress


 The dress was gifted by LOTD.com but all opinions are my own.