Something Different

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

I’m here with a different outfit today, different for me anyway. I mulled over this dress in the sales but decided to order and give it a go. I’ve always liked the shirt dress style but never found a cut, shape or length to suit. I was worried this one would be too long and it kind of is but the belted waist helps and I can lift the material while tying the belt and it makes a bit more wearable for the short person that I am.

I absolutely love the print, it’s so striking and grabs your attention immediately. The colours all blend in well and there’s a good mix of light and dark tones. The arms are quite long and wide so I’ve rolled up and it allows a bit of skin to be shown too which helps as there is a lot of material and I don’t want to get lost in it all.

 I ran a poll on insta story to help me decide whether this was a keeper or not and the result was 70% loved it and 30% thought it was hideous. So I’ve decided to keep it. I’m not sure exactly where and when I’ll wear it but at least I have it there as an option should an opportunity arise.

Outfit Details:

BootsLeather JacketM&S Printed Shirt Midi Dress