Velvet Kensington Bag

Good Morning,

Remember a few weeks back I was talking about having a velvet phobia? Well I’ve just gone and smashed that phobia by purchasing a velvet bag. I mentioned not being too bothered by the velvet on my blazer as it was on the outside and didn’t come into contact with my skin. Of course a bag is quite different and I do need to touch it to get stuff in and out and just generally while carrying around.

I had spotted this bag on the Kurt Geiger Spring/Summer press previews and I was awaiting it arriving in the new in section. For that reason I checked (stalked) daily, patiently waiting and low and behold it finally arrived. Sadly it wasn’t as easy as adding to the bag and checking out at record speed. Kurt Geiger decided to try and teach me patience and when clicking on the bag, there was an error message saying page not available. Thanks for that KG, always much appreciated when I want to buy something. Being extremely impulsive (just booked a trip to Paris on a whim) I might change my mind tomorrow and decide actually I don’t want (need) the velvet bag and they would have lost out on a sale. Of course that didn’t happen, nice thought though and the next day it became available mid morning and I was on it. So was my friend and we both purchased in the same minute and sent each other the order confirmations as if we’d just secured the last ever bags on the planet. Crazy how these little things make us happy eh?

Anyway the bag arrived on a very snowy day and I kept it in the packaging as if to keep safe from the bad weather outside haha! Only now is she making an appearance (the snow is gone) and I’ve managed to put together some outfit combinations where the bag can take all the glory. She totally deserves it.

 Outfit Details:

Velvet Kensington BagBootsZara Jeans