Suede Effect

Good Morning,

Today’s outfit features a new pair of trousers and is a really easy option for days when you maybe don’t feel like making too much of an effort but still want to look good and most of all, be comfortable.

I tried on these trousers well they’re actually leggings, in Milan. They were a little big and just not as tight on the legs as I’d like. If I’m wearing something that’s supposed to be skin tight, it needs to be skintight and not saggy or baggy in places. I can’t remember how much they were in Milan but they certainly weren’t £12.99 so when I seen them at that price on the website, I decided to get them even though they weren’t the perfect fit previously.

They’re a really good option instead of black jeans and are much more comfortable than jeans ever will be. They’re stretchy and forgiving but also smart and easy to wear. There’s something about the suede effect that oozes elegance. I like contrasting different textures and materials like suede and leather to create a high end look.

On this occasion I’ve paired with a simple black ruffle jumper, studded boots, my mini Kensington bag and my baker boy hat. I’m really into hats at the moment even though most of the time they don’t fit well.

Outfit Details:

Suede LeggingsHatKurt Geiger Mini Kensington X Bag