Pink & White

Good Morning,

I’m really trying to brighten up my wardrobe with light and bright colours for Spring but the weather is yet to catch up with another flurry of snow at the weekend reminding us that although we’re more than half way through March, it’s still winter…

As a result my wardrobe is bulging with all the new Spring pieces I’ve purchased in preparation with tags on still waiting to see the light of day alongside the heavy winter stuff, snuggly teddy coats and aviator jackets which would usually be getting switched out by now.

Before the snow arrived, I managed to get my pink coat out again briefly. I love pink and white together, it’s such a clean and fresh combination and works really well in Spring. I picked up this white lace blouse a few months ago but hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet. It’s my usual style with the high neck and long sleeves. It’s such a simple design but I just love it and it’s what I’m comfortable wearing. I always feel smart and put together when I wear a white lace blouse, ready to take on the world.

The sleeve detail is absolutely stunning and far too detailed to be hidden under the coat therefore I decided to pull the sleeve through to create a beautiful cuff. It’s small details like that which transform an outfit and also creates individuality. Shopping on the high street can often result in everyone wearing the same thing or similar combinations but I like to try and make things a bit different to avoid wearing the same outfit as someone else.

Anyway hopefully Spring will make an appearance sometime soon and we can get wearing all the other fresh new styles and pieces picked up lately. If you want to check out what I’ve been lusting after I created a Spring and Summer Wishlist and inevitably I’ve ended up buying a lot of the items featured.

Outfit Details:

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