All Black with a pop of Pink

Good Morning,

Hope you’ve had a lovely long Easter weekend.

 I’ve had a blast and have thoroughly enjoyed a few days off after a manic couple of weeks. On Friday I hit the shops before picking up the largest strawberry tarts ever made (did you see my Insta story?) and visiting my dear Gran. I also visited my aunt and uncle on the way back before vegetating on the sofa all evening catching up with various programmes I missed over the last few weeks. Saturday was quite chilled and I managed to finish season 1 of This Is Us. I also finished the box of Kleenex Mansize tissues, dear me it was a tearjerker but such a good watch and I can’t wait for Season 2 to arrive on Amazon. On Sunday I had a Spring clean and managed to sort out my wardrobe which is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I also put on new bed sheets which I bought on Friday. I love fresh bedding, nothing better especially for Spring. My mum and I then indulged in afternoon tea at Blythswood Square enjoying copious amount of tea and sweet treats.

Now it’s back to business as usual. As they say, all good things come to an end.

The pink theme of late continues despite the weather’s best efforts to keep us dressing for winter thanks to the very low temperatures and brisk wind that could cut you in half in an instant. As much as I’m trying to rebel against it, some days have just been too cold to bust out my best Spring styles and I’ve therefore had to adapt accordingly to avoid catching hypothermia.

I’ve gone for an all black look which is not typically ‘Spring’ but I’ve brightened it up by adding my pink coat over the top. Pink and black works well and especially a pastel shade which isn’t overwhelming or too in your face. To help soften the look, I’ve added my black and white lace boots. The embroidery is elegant and cuts through the all black base.

The suede trousers are really comfortable (perfect for afternoon tea) and stylish too. The different combination of black materials creates a good contrast and helps to break up the bold base.

Outfit Details: 

Pink CoatSuede LeggingsKurt Geiger Mini Kensington X Bag