Bey Day

Good Morning,

The time has come for OTR2. I have such amazing memories from the last one in Paris, it was an experience I never want to forget and I’m so grateful I got to share it with my friends. I’m so excited to create more memories today and I know we’ll have the best time regardless.

I don’t know if many people give a lot of thought about their outfit when it comes to a concert, they maybe don’t treat it any differently to a night out or other occasions. My main priority for today is to be comfortable. It’s going to be a long shift with a lot of waiting around. The last time I wore really high boots which was necessary as we knew beforehand that the staging would be high and we’d struggle to see otherwise despite being in the Beehive pit side of stage. This time looks like it will be different and for that reason I’ve gone for trainers instead as let’s face it, no ones going to be seeing anything below the barrier and it’s not worth being uncomfortable for such a long period of time.

I picked up this cheap pair of trainers from Topshop which are ideal as I’ll get some wear out of them after the concert as well. If the weather holds up I’ll go for these shorts but if not I’ll substitute for high waist jeans.

I felt totally jinxed when it came to getting a new Ivy Park hoodie for the occasion. I originally ordered a red cropped style with the branding in black but it went missing in the post and never arrived. I finally got a refund but all the other styles I wanted were out of stock in my size. My friend kindly ordered one for me while I was in Cape Verde as I didn’t want to risk my bank account being compromised like last time. She got the email saying the order had been despatched swiftly followed by another one saying actually it’s out of stock. I landed from Cape Verde at 4:50am and I think I’d ordered this one from ASOS by 4:52am. Thankfully it arrived and fitted well too. I love the pastel pink, it’s nice and bright for summer and I hope it’ll help catch Beyonce’s eye from the stage.

Outfit Details:

TrainersShortsIvy Park Jumper