Green Playsuit

Good Morning,

It’s so easy to be more adventurous with colour in summer. It just works and the weather of late has helped me be a bit more daring when it comes to outfit choices.

I really like green but it’s got to be the right shade to suit my skin tone. Too deep or dark and it will zap all the colour from my face but a light or a faded tone works perfectly.

Playsuits epitomise summer for me. They are fun, flirty and practical too saving our modesty when having a picnic in the park or while dancing to our favourite songs without a care in the world. I have a lot of playsuits for that very reason and don’t ever hesitate to add a new one to my collection as I know it will get worn and be the base for creating new memories.

This one is from Zara and is a lovely light linen material. The ruffle top with embroidered detail is beautiful and the shirred waist creates shape. I really don’t think you can go wrong with this, it’s perfect for holidays and summer BBQ’s.

Outfit Details: