Matcha Mama

Good Morning,

Matcha Mama is the place I seen on Instagram and wanted to visit if I was in the area or passing by. They have two locations, one in Tulum town and the other on beach road. I didn’t manage to find the one in town and ended up in Prieto instead which was lovely. When we were on beach road I knew I’d come across it at some point and after a while of walking, we stumbled upon it when needing some refreshments.

I can see why it’s become popular as it’s very photogenic with the little signs, the fact it’s a little shack on the side of the road and the instagramable smoothies and fruit bowls.

I opted for a Acai Berry Bowl with berries, nuts and seeds on top. Of course I had to take some pictures before indulging but that resulted in my spilling the acai everywhere. That’s what you don’t see on Instagram. At least I got the shot haha!

There’s lots of health conscious places in Tulum and it does seem to be a very organic and natural place to live with a lot of variety and endless choices. That’s not necessarily the case here in the UK where processed and fast food is more popular, cheaper and more convenient too.



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