Good Morning,

Nothing better at the hottest part of the day than stumbling on a cute cafe. Getting some shelter, a chance to cool down and much needed fuel was exactly what was needed. It would have been rude not to snap some pics to share should you find yourself in the area looking for a sweet treat.

Prieto does smoothie bowls, acai, frozen yogurt and coffee. It’s a small space with lots of character and a nice view of downtown Tulum to indulge in a spot of people watching.

I got fro-yo as I needed something cool. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t offer fresh fruit toppings for the frozen yogurt, only the sweets in the jars. I decided to have it on it’s own as I don’t particularly enjoy chewing on a cola bottle while enjoying something smooth and creamy. They offer natural or charcoal flavour. Risk averse as always I went for natural.

It’s a nice spot if you’re passing by and need a refreshment.